Important Judgments that Transformed India: For UPSC Civil Services Examination

By | June 5, 2021

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The book “Important Judgments that Transformed India” presents an easy understanding of the landmark Court cases that everyone needs to know about. The way democracy now functions in India, owe a lot to many of these Supreme Court judgments. It is quite interesting to learn how the Supreme Court judgments protected the essence of Indian Constitution, strengthened democracy, and transformed the lives of ordinary citizens of India.

This book effectively caters to the requirements of many competitive examinations, particularly the UPSC Civil Services Examination (Prelims, Mains, and Interview). It is equally valuable to all academics, legal students, and general readers who are interested in Indian Polity and Constitution.

Salient features:

✔ Designed specifically to cater to the needs of Civil Services – Prelims and Mains and other state examinations.

✔Analysis of the importance of 30 landmark Supreme Court judgments.

✔ Compilation of 90+ Supreme Court judgments with respect to the main area of conflict.

✔ Each Chapter divided into- introduction, background, arguments, judgments, importance and impact.

✔ The complicated legal context behind Supreme Court cases made simple and easy to understand.

The book can prove to be an asset not only for the aspirants of Union and State Civil Services but also for academicians, researchers, lawyers, authors, and all readers with an abiding passion for the domain in general.

From the Publisher

Important judgments that transformed India
Important judgments that transformed India

About The Book

Indian Constitution and Polity is one subject that is directly connected to Civil Service and Public Administration, hence a high-priority area for all aspiring civil servants. From the broad area of Indian Polity, in recent years, many questions are asked about Indian judiciary and the landmark judgments.

This trend is not surprising, thanks to the central role played by the Supreme Court as the custodian of the Indian Constitution. The book “Important Judgments that transformed India” presents an easy understanding of the landmark Court Cases that everyone needs to know about.

Special Attractions of the Book

· UPSC Civil Services Preliminary and Main Examination Previous Year Questions (1979-2019) from the topic – completely solved.

· Mindmaps of important concepts related to Indian Polity.

· Highlights of each chapter provided in the chapter introduction.

· Important Judicial Doctrines and Judicial Terms explained.

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