12 Months strategy to clear UPSC IAS Exam: Subject Wise strategy for static and current affairs syllabus with ideal time table for reference

By | June 9, 2021

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Chapter 4 – How to prepare the UPSC exam in 12 months

Firstly you have to understand that we need to do integrated preparation for prelim and mains exam.


How to start your preparation or how to complete these subjects?

First, you can start with ancient and medieval history –

This is a syllabus for ancient and medieval history.

“Indian culture covers the salient features of Literature, Art Forms, and Architecture from ancient to modern times.”

You can finish this syllabus from Tamilnadu 11 class book.

Before starting preparation for any subject you have to do the following steps!

Read syllabus of that subject

Analysis question of that subject to find out the important topic and make a list of important topic

Then prepare that subject from the book

For example- if you analyze the previous year’s question of ancient and medieval history then you can get an idea about topics like Jainism and Buddhism. UPSC most likely ask questions from these topics. So, while preparing this subject your primary focus should be to finish that topic first.

What is the role of the previous year’s question in UPSC PRELIM?

Previous year questions are more important.

You can refer to these questions to analyze the demand for UPSC. If you don’t know the demand of the UPSC prelim, how will you provide a supply of necessary information that is required for clearing the UPSC prelim?


Chapter 1- Brief idea about UPSC IAS exam

Chapter 2 – List of the important subject and less important subjects

Chapter 3 – Booklist to be followed for UPSC Exam

Chapter 4 – How to prepare the UPSC exam in 12 months

Chapter 5 – How to prepare the UPSC syllabus in 6 months?

Chapter 6 – what to do in MONTH 1 and MONTH 2( 60 days)

Chapter 7 – What to do in MONTH 3 and MONTH 4

Chapter 8 – WHAT TO DO IN MONTH 5

Chapter 9 – what to do in MONTH 6? ( 30 days)

Chapter 10 – How to read a newspaper? Is it necessary to make notes form the newspaper?

Chapter 11- How do I finish my current affairs syllabus?

Chapter 12- Ideal time table for 6 months

Chapter 13 – Choosing optional?

Chapter 14 – What to do in the last 3 months before the UPSC prelim Exam?

Chapter 15 – Importance of Previous years question papers

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