Narain’s Development And Environmental Economics Refresher course-For B.A., B.Com. (Pass & Hons.), M.A., C.A., Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination and other Competitive Examinations and also covering U.G.C. Syllabus as prescribed

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Part I


  • Economic Development and Economic Growth :
  • Meaning and Criterion

  • Developed and Underdeveloped Countries : Nature
  • and Features

  • Obstacles to Economic Development
  • Factors of Economic Growth
  • The Concept of Modern Economic Growth
  • The Classical Theories of Economic Development :
  • Adam Smith, David Ricardo and Malthus

  • The Neoclassical Theories
  • The Marxian Theory
  • The Schumpeterian Theory
  • The Keynesian Theory
  • Rostow’s Stages of Economic Growth
  • Nurkse’s Theory of Disguised Unemployment
  • Lewis’ Theory of Unlimited Supplies of Labour
  • Leibenstein’s Critical Minimum Effort Theory’
  • The “Big Push” Theory
  • The Concept of Balanced Growth
  • The Concept of Unbalanced Growth
  • Myrda1’s Theory of Circular Causation
  • The Harrod-Domar Models
  • Joan Robinson’s Model of Economic Growth
  • Meade’s Model of Economic Growth
  • Economic Planning
  • Types of Planning
  • The Choice of Techniques
  • Investment Criteria in Economic Development
  • The book is written in the form of questions and answers and we are sure, it will be beneficial for the readers due to its simple and lucid style.

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