A Concise Analysis of Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude

By | June 20, 2021

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A Concise Analysis of Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude is a slimmer, compact version of the hugely popular book Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude written by the same author duo (G SubbaRao and P N Roychowdhury). This slim and concise book aims to fulfill a particular need of our readers who wanted a lighter book on the subject.

Each of the above books stands on its own as an independent unit and is in no way dependent on the other. However, as the two books cover substantially the same ground, they have certain commonalities. It can also be said that the two books supplement each other.

Key Features of this Book:

  • Self-contained, compact and briefly covers the whole syllabus.
  • Written in a simple, and direct style to facilitate easy understanding.
  • Avoids heavy theoretical and historical discussions rooted in moral and religious philosophy.
  • In lucid terms it explains the general and abstract topics such as governance and probity, nature of public service, good (or ethical) governance, role of family, education and society in inculcating values etc.
  • Analytically outlines theoretical principles and their practical applications and avoids lengthy descriptions.
  • Contains all new Case Studies.
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