Std 10 Perfect Notes History and Geography Books | English Medium | SSC Maharashtra State Board | Includes Concept Charts, Timelines, Map and Graph based Questions | Based on Std 10th New Syllabus | Set of 2 Books

By | June 30, 2021

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Std 10th Perfect History, Political Science and Geography Notes Combo, English Medium (Maharashtra Board) by Target Publications is a set of 2 books. This book consists of Std 10th History, Political Science and Geography which is designed in adherence to the latest Std 10th paper pattern. This combo by Target Publication is designed to lay down a strong foundation and to enhance the subject knowledge of students in order to boost their confidence. The salient features of Std 10th Perfect History, Political Science and Geography Notes Combo, English Medium (Maharashtra Board) are as follows: Detailed descriptions of the SSC paper pattern & Marking Scheme provided at the beginning of the books. Extensive Coverage of all textual Questions in Question and Answer Format provided to enable students revision. Overview of the start of every chapter to provide a cursory glance of the content within. Suitable solutions are provided to all project-based and In-text Questions to provide suitable revision. Assessments provided at the end of every chapter to facilitate self-evaluation. The books contain Two Model Question papers as per the latest paper pattern to test the knowledge of students. Geography Notes are equipped with Map and Graph-based questions to aid understand the concepts better. History notes subsume concept charts, Timelines, Table Completion questions, and ‘Apply your knowledge’ and Good to Know’ sections, in order to help students understand History and Political Science better. Both the books comprise of Model Question Paper as per the latest paper pattern and Board Question Paper of March 2019 to render students better understanding of the exam.

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