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By | July 3, 2021

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Concise General Knowledge manual 2021 is a potent tool in hands of the students preparing for various competitive examinations including SSC, Banking, Railways, etc. But have relatively less time to spend strolling through large chunks of data and other General Knowledge topics that are quizzes upon in similar exams across the country.

Key features:

completely revised and re-structured for swifter preparation

sections on Indian Constitution and Polity, Science and Technology, Geography, and General Knowledge with coverage of latest updates

updates with illustrated maps and diagrams

Large data covered in tabular format for easy memorization and exam time revision I. History of India

1. Pre-history

2. Ancient history

3. Medieval history

4. Modern history & Indian National Movement

II. Indian Polity

5. Constitution of India

6. The Union government

7. The state Government

8. The judiciary

9. The local governments

10. Important constitutional bodies and key functionaries

11. Important non-constitutional bodies

12. Miscellaneous constitutional provisions

13. Centre-state relations

14. Election system in India

III. Indian Economy

15. Public Finance & planning

16. Industries

17. Banking and financial Institutions

IV. Geography

18. Physical geography

19. World Geography

20. Indian Geography

V. General Science

21. Everyday Science

22. Physics

23. Chemistry

24. Life Science

25. Human body

VI. Science and Technology

26. Science and Technology in India

27. Computers, it and new-generation technologies

28. Basic General Knowledge

29. International organizations

30. Defence and security in India

31. Transportation and Communication in India

32. National Insignia & other Indian miscellanea

33. Miscellaneous GK topics

34. Current evetns

35. National affairs

36. International affairs

37. Miscellaneous current Affairs

38. Indian Economic affairs

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