Std 10 Geography Maps and Graph Practice Book | SSC Maharashtra State Board | Extensive Coverage of SSC Geography Map and Graph Based Questions | Based on Std 10th Board Paper Pattern | English Medium

By | July 3, 2021

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Questions based on Maps (Q.4) & Graphs (Q.6) constitute 14 marks out of 40 in Geography – Std. X Board Examination. These questions are the most scoring ones too. This being said, students tend to take these questions lightly and leave it to the very end of their exam preparation. A very little time is spent on these questions which actually can contribute almost 35% of the total marks in the subject. Moreover, most students only study or read these questions & answers but never end up practicing them.

We studied this pattern among many students and realized that there was a need to come out with a book which gave sufficient writing practice of Maps & Graphs to the students and did not eat up too much study time as well. The result of our study is this Maps & Graphs Practice Book for Std. X Geography.

The book is based entirely on the textbook and is developed chapter-wise. The book starts with a set of guidelines to the student for solving the maps & graphs related questions. The first part of the book has all questions related to map plotting & map reading. The updated maps with the new union territories have been provided in this book. The second part of the books covers drawing of graphs & answering questions based on the drawn graphs. Sufficient space has been provided to write the answers below the questions itself. The answers to all questions have also been provided via QR code to enable the student to check their answers.

In this book, you’ll find:

  1. Guidelines for solving Maps & Graph related questions
  2. Questions related to Maps – Map plotting & Answering questions
  3. Questions related to Graphs – Drawing of graphs & Answering questions
  4. Sufficient space to write your answers
  5. Answers to all questions via QR Code for verifying your answers
  6. Additional 10 maps for practice

So, go ahead & secure your 14 marks. Add Std. X Geography – Maps & Graph Practice Book to your cart TODAY!

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