csc news 2022 : Rajasthan CSC Wi-Fi Choupal

csc news 2022 : Rajasthan CSC Wi-Fi Choupal

In Rajasthan, CSC Wi-Fi Choupal has shown that when the poor and marginalized people face challenges, VLEs can come to the rescue. Divyang VLE Rakesh Kumar is implementing BharatNet project at 48 GPs of Hanumangarh district in Rajasthan where villages are remote. The VLE has constituted 8 teams to implement the BharatNet project in 48 GPs. Till date, the implementation work has been completed in all GPs.

Scary moments are a reality for every entrepreneur. The VLEs involved in the project are working day and night in the implementation of BharatNet project in these rural and inaccessible areas. VLE Rakesh says, “For us, we didn’t see our scary moment coming. But, we are glad it happened because our DNA has been forever changed as a result of CSC SPV’s vision.” The VLE Rakesh Kumar has left no stone unturned in repairing FOCs.

CSC Journey

VLE Rakesh told us, “My father passed away when I was just 14 years old, I was the eldest and the only source of income was physical labor which I could not do because of my physical disability. Understanding the situation, I started a job at a telephone booth for Rs 500 per month and continued my studies at the same time. In 2015, I joined CSC as VLE.”

CSC team at Padampura village

“Today, I have 25 computer systems and 4 employees are working at my CSC. I am providing services like education, Banking, PAN card, Aadhar service, Kisan Samman Nidhi, PM Street vendor registration, PMGDISHA, NPS.”

“Computer training was given to 40 disabled youths at my CSC center in 2018, out of which 10 youths are doing jobs as computer operators in their own gram panchayat, cooperative society etc. and some started their own work.”

Last mile connectivity was a major challenge in rural and inaccessible areas of Hanumangarh district in Rajasthan. With the efforts of VLE Rakesh, an uninterrupted high speed and stable broadband connectivity is playing the most significant role for enabling delivery of voluminous eServices in a timely manner through CSCs and thereby making them sustainable. VLE says: “The digital inclusion will enable more families to truly enter the 21st century.”

The project is facilitating a Service Delivery ecosystem which can be used to deliver the following services:

· Hi Speed Internet Access across village

· Free Wi-Fi calling solution

· Video calling between local Smartphones possible without using telecom billing

· Streaming of Audio/Video Content (entertainment, edutainment and infotainment) over Smart phones and Tablets

· Mobile Commerce

Bharatnet Journey of VLE

“In 2019, when I was given the responsibility for the Bharat Net project, my acquaintances told me that this work can not be done by you, but there was a passion to work. My own center was in a rural area and there were a lot of connectivity issues. I was firmly determined that the internet has to be brought to the villages of Nohar tehsil.”

CSC team working day and night during pandemic

“I started Bharatnet work with great zeal and passion and completed a survey of all the Gram Panchayats by traveling 800-900 kms in just two days. At the time when I took the job, 30 GPs out of 48 panchayats were facing internet connectivity issues. My team started to find fault, though it was not easy to find out. Some railway workers had cut the cable into pieces, some electricians had buried the cable under the electric pole, and some farmers did the same in their fields. While lifting the soil, the cable was kept in pieces, so somewhere else, drains were made above the fiber.”

“At the time when we started the work, the crop was also ready in the fields, so digging was also difficult. In such odd circumstances, my team started the work, spending Rs. 10,000 to Rs 15,000 on each fault, because the root markers were missing. There was no proper location of the cable, in such a situation the work was not possible without JCB, and the expenditure was more than the income. My team never gave up and after three months of hard work, we removed all the faults and brought our block to 100%.”

“After removing all the faults, we do regular patrolling; my FRT team does daily 100km patrol, apart from meeting with all the JCB drivers, contractors of the electricity department and PWD in the area. We tell them about the importance of cable and request to inform them immediately in case of any fault. My team repaired the fault in just two hours.”

Today the digital transformation through CSC Bharatnet provides new avenues for economic empowerment and contributes to greater gender equality in Hanumangarh. The Internet, digital platforms, mobile phones and digital financial services through CSC are offering leapfrog” opportunities for all and helping bridge the divide by giving women the possibility to earn additional income, increase their employment opportunities, and access knowledge and general information.

VLE Rakesh says, “We need to seize this opportunity to foster empowerment, boost economic growth and build a more inclusive, digital world.”

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